Moving 18 Years Of Belongings

Her anxiety in making decisions about “stuff” had gone from annoying to overwhelming.

With 18 years of not just her belonging, but her families as well, the task of packing to move to a new home out of state grew bigger. A lot bigger.

Tara contacted for help with this task. Here’s how we helped.

I spoke with Tara. She explained the situation.

We decided to keep it simple. Go through each item and find out why she needed to keep it.

“Was it a gift?”
“Are you keeping it out of responsibility”?
“Is it sentimental?”
“Do you need 10 them?”

Once we were finished, we sorted through the items Tara wanted to keep and organized them

The items she no longer needed, Tara gifted to friends, listed on websites, or donated.

“The process turned out to be a lot more rewarding and more enjoyable than I anticipated.”


If you feel overwhelmed or need help with that big task that’s been staring back at you, reach out to

We’re here to help because we love to help.

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