Decade of Declaration: Thriving in Their Environment

Even during the best of times ~ keeping your home clean can be demanding. Our daily demands of juggling work, tasks, children and school/activities, pets and sometimes our parents truly limit how much time we have in a day.

What tends to suffer is our household space, as we are dropping and going always on the run.

Add to that mobility issues or an injury that prevents you from tackling daily tasks can make the management of keeping your home cleaned and organized a huge challenge.

Here are some simple tricks to assist if someone you know and love has mobility limitations:

Offer a Helping Hand To Those In Need

  • Set up and clear the table.
  • Pick up toys and books.
  • Keep clothes on hooks.
  • Water indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Feed pets.
  • Clean pet’s space.
  • Take pet out for a walk.
  • Help in sorting/doing the laundry.
  • Help put clean clothes into folded piles.
  • Help in putting away groceries.
  • Fill water bottles.
  • Help in dusting the furniture.
  • Prepare simple meals.
  • Help in serving the meals.
  • Help make the bed.
  • Always throw out garbage.
  • Help in cleaning the space.
  • Offer seat while in public transport.

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